Review of Don Heath Landscaping

by on November 22, 2010 at 10:56 am

Every so often I have an experience with a local service provider that just stuns me with the level of professionalism and service. I’ve now had several with Don Heath, who runs Heath Landscape Service.

We’ve used Don at our 10-unit condo association for at least a decade. He has reliably tended to our landscaping needs, typically with little input from us. About a year ago, our board made the decision to do all of our landscaping ourselves to reduce our budget.

Throughout the process, Don has been nothing but a complete and total professional. He has walked us through the operation of the sprinkler system and helped us get it started this summer.

It snowed this morning and we were scrambling to winterize our sprinkler system before the pipes froze (and then split). This is something we really should have taken care of a few weeks back, but hadn’t thought of it. No one knows how to winterize the system and we found ourselves frantically trying to track Don down.

When we reached him, we learned he had already stopped by and winterized the system - several weeks ago!

I absolutely felt he delivered way above any reasonable expectations and can’t recommend Heath Landscape Service enough.

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