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After exceeding 150 comments on post detailing my original experience getting a same day passport, I decided to go through the comments and separate the experiences and helpful tips by passport office.

These comments and tips were related to people’s experiences at the New York City Passport Office.

From Jim:

I am flying to Guatemala early tomorrow morning, and as of this morning I had no personal passport. I went to the New York Passport Center this morning (Monday) at 7am and was 12th in line, even though they open at 730am. Amazingly, by 830am they processed my application and told me to come back at 10am to pick up the passport. No problems at all! Details: I used my official passport to get the new passport, so they were able to pull up my info readily. Also, I filled out the lost passport form there with no issues. Total cost: $160.

From Rose:

Thanks for the tip, this really helped me a lot. I went to the NYC passport agency last week, submitted my paperwork, but the idiot at the counter lied and told me they don’t make the passports there and I’d have to wait for the mail. This was only 7 days before my flight.
3 days before my flight (today) I called and they put in an emergency 72-hour expedite (didn’t cost extra) and I had to go back to the passport agency and pick up the passport. Don’t let this happen to you guys.

From BlueJersey83:

I owe this blog a post as it helped calm my nerves. I found out yesterday (6/29/2010) Italy requires your Passport to be valid 3 mo. past your date of return. Mine expires Aug 31 and I fly to Rome tomorrow (7/1). Passport call no. and website all say an appointment is a must, including the rep I spoke to from the 1-877-487-2778 call in number. Went anyway this morning, arriving at the NYC office at 6:30. I was 8th in line. At 7:30, security guard called out all with appointments, any appointments, and let them in first. Then we went in behind them. They give out a number and all are served in order of their number alone. I was number 23. Passport was granted and I was told to come back at 10 am. At 10, no one paying attention to appointments, just a line to get through security. Got my new passport at 11.Simple lesson is watch the math. It’s summer, more travel emergencies, more folks showing up at the Passport office. If arriving at 6:30am gets you a Passport at 11, then arriving after 9am is probably not a good idea since the office closes at 3.

From Engin:

Hi! I am from NY, and this is my second post after I found the way of getting my wife’s passport. Here are details; after dozens of conversations on the phone with National Passport Center reps where is located in NH, I discovered a solution by this blog and a few close friends’ suggestions. The same problem that my co-worker had and she just showed up early in the morning WITHOUT an appointment! So, disregard all of the Nat. Pass. Center supervisor’s suggestions that say do not go to your local agency without an appointment. You need to show up very early(be the FIRST one). When officer start calling appointment times, inform your situation VERY politely and wait for his/her guidance, but still insist that you need to see the clerk inside. He will let you go to the line and if you can explain the front liners again politely; you must get your passport in 3 hours!(I saw this gentleman who asked politely everyone in front him and took the 3rd place WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!) Do not forget previous documents which are needed to prove your RUSH! If you are already in system you will be called to the next window to have your passport very soon. Otherwise, clerk will look at your application manually from the files and give you an envelope that says date and the time of pick up letter. This is only if you are not leaving in a few hours, but still they let you know that you are receiving your passport until 4 pm that day. My experience should be an example to everyone who gets the same problem. Please, stop calling National Pass. Center and go to your local center! There is a fast and immediate solution there.
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From Barrpet1

I am currently sitting in the NYC passport agency and want to share my experience as this site saved my trip. I realized on Friday night that I could not find my passport. I was supposed to leave on Saturday morning. Instead I had to wait for the NYC office to open on Monday. I was trying to make a 2pm flight out of lga. I had no appointment and showed up at 6am. I was the first in line. By opening, there was 20 ppl in line. This is a Monday. The guard separated the line before opening. All appointments went first, followed by no appointments. I was overall the 9th in line. Went through security and made it to the 10th floor at 745. By 8am I was at the window and got a slip that said my pickup time is 10am. Right now I am sitting at will call. As long as I get my passport before noon I am on my way. I will follow up with an update.

Important things:
Be the first in line if you have no appointment
Bring proof of citizenship, picture id, two passport photos, and a filled out application
I was not asked for it, but a social security card is probably a good idea
I brought a birth certificate and drivers license
The pricing is weird. Mine cost 195. I would bring at least 250 just in case
If you do get an appointment for later in the day, show up before they open. They mix in the walk-ins and regardless of your appointment time you will be one of the first people in.
GET THERE EARLY. I’m looking at the waiting room and there are now lots of people. Don’t chance. Even if your appointment is at noon get there before they open at 730.

One poor guy was trying to catch a 11am am flight and it appears the earliest they hand them out is 10am. I don’t know if they made a special case for him or not. I will update when I have my passport.

From SNC:

Hey Dave. I just wanted to share my experience in getting a same day passport. I stumbled up your blog by chance through a google search and I will say had it not been for the tips and info posted by yourself and others then I would be sitting home crying and unable to go on vacation. My trip was planned from Mar 2nd thru Mar 11th. I noticed I couldn’t find my passport a few days before however, I fele like I would be able to locate it before I left. Over the weekend I searched high and low but to no avail. I contacted the toll free number on the NCIS website. After being unable to secure an appointment at the NY or CT centers I decided to heed the advice doled out on your blog. I went to the NYC office without an appointment on Mar. 1st 2011. I got there around 6:30 ish and was the fifth person on line. The earliest person got there at 6am and they had a 4 pm flight leaving out of JFK. The morning was cold and there was nothing else to do but pass the time the NY way. Lots of Bsing about life in the Big Apple. As 7:30 neared the line grew a bit long , maybe 15 people or so. Upon entering the building we were directed by the guards to go to the information window t ohave our documents checked and verified. Never once was their a question about having an appointment. Even though there were folks on the line that had appointments it was more of a first on line first up basis. I can’t imagine that being the case in the summer when it’s hectic.

Once I cleared information I proceeded to the 10th floor to submit the paperwork. I handed everything to the agent, paid and received my receipt. Being that I was travelling early the following day I was given a 10 am pick up time. I would say that that is an open pick up time as they have people from a day or two before that may be picking up their passports then as well. I would say the turnaround time from entry to paying was under 30 mins. I returned at 11 am to pick up my new passport and had to wait a little. I waited about 2 hrs and then was called. I would concur that you need to have all your documents handy or you may not be able to make it up to the 10th floor to see an agent. Thanks again. And I hope this helps.

Best regards,


From Insipidroustabout:

Sorry, looks like my original post didn’t make it. So here it goes again with the correction.

Since Mr. Naffziger’s original blog post gave me so much confidence to pull this off, I wanted to also return the favor of reporting my experience today in successfully renewing my passport the same day. I will try not repeat what others have said, but will try to provide new insights.

Date of visit: 2/22/2011 at New York City Passport Office 376 Hudson Street.
Scenario: My passport expired last week and my flight is the next day.
1. Don’t bring food. I had to throw away my bagged lunch and drink prior to entering the office.
2. There are restrooms on first and second floor with water fountains. Hey! It was a cold day! I had to go several times, I’m glad they were there!
3. People waiting in line were generally friendly since they’re probably going on vacation. Security guards were friendly and helpful too.
4. Bring something to read. Cell phones not allowed for voice calls.

Timeline: (I hope this provides insight as to what to expect.)
5:55 am: parked car at Leroy and Greenwich St lot ($22 for 12 hours). Only 2 blocks away from Passport Office.
6:00 am: got coffee and arrived at 376 Hudson St. It was <20 degrees with a wind chill factor. I was glad I dressed warmly! I was the first in line!
7:00 am: security guards came and explained what everyone needed: 2 photos, fee money, itinerary, identification. They split the line into 2: 1 for people with appointments (about 10 people) and 1 line for no appointments (about 20, including me).
7:30 am: people with appointments were brought in first, then followed by people without. Passed through security checkpoint and waited in line for the Information Desk.
7:35-8:00am: “Information Desk”: This person checked my documents and made sure I had what I needed. Everything was okay, I was given a print-out with a ticket number.
8:00: Took elevator to 10th floor waiting room.
8:05: My number was called, I gave my documents to the staff including the fees ($170) and was given a receipt. I was told to wait in the Will Call room where at 10AM they will start handing out passports by name.
1:30pm: After waiting in Will Call to 11AM, I got hungry so went out the building and did eating/shopping in SoHo. Came back at 1:30pm with minimal line to go back to 10th floor Will Call to pick up my new passport.

Again, like everyone has reported: take a deep breath, it’s okay!!!!——-You WILL get your passport….just follow Mr. Naffziger’s tips!

From Paramarine:

First I’d like to say thanks for keeping this blog. The information and the comments were very helpful for me in obtaining a same day same day passports yesterday.

I’d like to return the favor by sharing our experience at the New York Passport Agency:

We arrived @ 7:30 for an 8:30 appt., there were approximately 15 people in line. Some in the line ahead of us had no appointments, but they were able to make their case and went inside. There was no separate line for those with appointments and those without, and best I could tell, the numbers were assigned according to who arrived at the window first. This was consistent with what I have read from the comments of others regarding their experiences in the New York office. Since it was only $30 additional, we went ahead and had passport cards made as well.

However, we did have an unexpected problem. As a word to the wise, I recommend bringing your social security card with you, as you may need to present it. In our case, we submitted our documents, paid the fees, and were told to return at 10:00am per normal. However, shortly after leaving, we soon received a phone call stating that they could not find her social security info in the system, and would have to return with her SS card. Without the card, or a letter of proof from Social Security, they would not make the passport. Since her card was unavailable, we had to go to the Social Security office at Federal Plaza so that they would provide a letter of proof. This was accepted, and then her passport was made with the next batch for a 3:00pm pick up. Perhaps there was something we missed reading, but we were totally unprepared for this and we were lucky that we were able to get to Federal Plaza and back on time. When asked, what caused the problem, they stated the staff is usually able to verify people’s social security numbers in their system, but it happens sometimes that they’re unable. Had we been flying same day, we would not have made our flight. While this happened in New York, I suppose it is possible that this could happen at any of the locations where same day service is provided. For that reason, I’ll cross-post my comment in both the main and the New York sections of the blog.

Thanks again, good luck, and happy travels.

If you have had an experience at the New York City passport office, please share it below. This tremendously helps future readers!

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