New Orleans Passport Office – Getting a Same Day Passport

by on December 18, 2010 at 10:40 pm

After exceeding 150 comments on post detailing my original experience getting a same day passport, I decided to go through the comments and separate the experiences and helpful tips by passport office.

These comments and tips were related to people’s experiences at the New Orleans Passport Office.

From Lucy:

I just got back from getting my passport from the New Orleans PP agency. This websit is extremely helpful! I am one of those people who get really skeptical about these types of sites but it truly is helpful.
I filled out my forms, got my photos made, and was in and out of the passport agency in less than 20 minutes and could pick my passport up the next day at 11. Make the earliest appointment possible! It will definately be a stress and anxiety reliever! The total cost of my passport was $160 which was for the actual book, processing fee, and to “expidite” it. Thanks again!

If you have had an experience at the New Orleans passport office, please share it below. This tremendously helps future readers!

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