Boston Passport Office – Getting a Same Day Passport

by on December 18, 2010 at 10:17 pm

After exceeding 150 comments on post detailing my original experience getting a same day passport, I decided to go through the comments and separate the experiences and helpful tips by passport office.

These comments and tips were related to people’s experiences at the Boston Passport Office.

From Neil:

I did this in Boston was well. Arrived at 9AM with confirmation number photos and docs to prove citizenship and travel, and lined up with the crowd at 4PM to pick up the passport. Almost no hassle at all actually.

From Nina:

Thank you so much for this information. I was getting ready to pay an additional $350 to a place that said they would take get my passport to me same day. Even though I live in New York, I went to the agency in Boston because they were the only ones with an appointment and I am traveling tomorrow. They said that for people who have to travel that day or the next, they will typically accommodate them even without an appointment. The passports in Boston aren’t ready until around 4pm.

From Blog Reader:

Went to Boston at 6.45 am .. i was the only one there till 7.30. My flight was on saturday and the appointment was the following monday.. had all paperwork ready. There is a separate line for people with appointment and people without.. They gave me an emergency appt for 9.30 and asked me to come back at 9.30… but i just got back in the 8.30 appointment line :-).. the whole process over by 9.15am… payment was 160$ ;
PS: IF you cannot verify your citizenship (lost birth certificate, naturalization cert etc), they can do a record lookup.. its an additional $60. They give you that form right at the counter if u need it ,,, so people who lost there citizenship papers DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY!

From Shag:

I join the chorus in thanking Dave for this blog. Google is so full of advertising on this subject that I was quite lost until I found this blog. I went into the Boston authority this morning and was out in an hour. I just need to go back @ 4:00 to get my new passport.

From Mike S:

I just came from the Thomas P. O’Neill federal building in Boston. I had a 9am appointment. They do NOT issue the passport/passport card the same day at AT ALL. The gentleman who processed my application told me they are not permitted to issue the card/book the same day. Thank god I had an extra day in Boston or my trip to Canada would have been in jeopardy. They told me to come back tomorrow at 4pm. I should note that the Automated system put me through to an agent who also told me the card was issued “on the spot.” Funny though, I thought 33 hours after the fact was “next day” or “overnight” service, at best. Definitely NOT same day…

If you have had an experience at the Boston passport office, please share it below. This tremendously helps future readers!

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