Boston Qualifying Marathon

Business by on December 8, 2011 at 12:00 am

I’ve finally run a Boston qualifying marathon! Despite running 14 prior marathons, I don’t think I’ve ever properly trained for one.

I completed the Seattle Ghost Marathon Thanksgiving day weekend in 3:07:59.

Rahul and I ran the first 14 or so miles together, but his recurring Achilles injury flared up and he wisely decided to stop around mile 20. We’re planning on another joint attempt on Feb 19 (

I’ve been able to run half-marathons pretty fast (ran my fastest a few weeks prior: 1:29:23), but have generally faded after the first 15-18 miles. I faded in this run also, but the fade was much less pronounced - go figure training works.
The event itself was great. With only ~200 runners running a mix of halfs, fulls and ultras, and starting at a mix of times (they allowed non-qualifying runners to start early), there always seemed to be a runner in sight. The course is a nice flat out and back along Lake Washington (actually, a double out and back) and only rarely separated from the water.

One runner attempted an Olympic qualifying time, and unfortunately just missed it by a couple of minutes. This added to the general excitement around the event - word would pass among the other runners about whether she was on pace, etc.

I loved having my family there for the run though. My sister and her husband were awesome supporters before and during the race, making sure I was eating pasta and drinking water the night before and banging pots and pans for the runners. I think this was also the first time my dad saw me run which made it extra fun for me.

Sophie is also just beginning to understand the concept. When I would go for training runs, she would say ‘Daddy is going to run. With Uncle Rahul’. And when I returned she’d say ‘Daddy is all sweaty. He needs to shower’. My sister made Sophie a sign and she cheered for Rahul and I. Later in the day she recounted the morning:

I cheered for the runners! I said ‘Go Daddy Go’ and I said ‘Go Uncle Rahul Go’. And I held a sign.
Now on to hernia surgery in late December =P.


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