Chicago Marathon

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A few weeks back I ran the Chicago marathon with my sister. My sister has been a Team in Training mentor for several years and has run more than a few Chicago marathons.

I’ve never run a full marathon with her and I wasn’t planning on running this one. I thought I’d run part of it with a camera and snap photos of her and her friends as they ran the race. I ended up running the entire run and had a blast.

It had been a long time since I’ve run a ‘major’ marathon. The Las Vegas and Phoenix marathongs each had a sizeable number of runners, but they do not compare to races like Chicago. The biggest difference was the city’s commitment to the event. In Chicago, the day revolved around the race. Fans lined the course, which went through the heart of downtown multiple times. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed the run.

Start of the run
Start of Chicago Marathon
Outside the Lincoln Park Zoo - Probably around mile 5. My sister is stretching her IT band on the left - she ran the whole thing with a strained IT band - her doctors told her that she wouldn’t injure it; her knee would just hurt a lot.
Outside Lincoln Park Zoo
My sister and I around mile 23 or so.
Michelle and I on the course


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