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Cool by on May 20, 2007 at 5:28 pm


  • Making organ donation opt-out (or mandatory). A policy that makes complete sense to me, this Wired article digs into a recent proposal (journal article, not a law) that suggests the US change its organ donation policy from opt-in to opt-out. Painfully short on actual stats, the article suggests organ shortages could become a thing of the past in some high-need categories.
  • Probability-based spelling corrector in 21 lines of Python code By Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google. When you put raw intelligence against domain knowledge you get a thing of beauty.
  • Blogs by Feed subscribers. Not a complete list, but an interesting post nonetheless.
  • Cars drive closer to bikers with helmets. If you aren’t wearing a helmet, cars give you an extra 3.4 inches when they pass. If you look like a women, cars give you an additional 2.2 inches. It is still way safer to wear helmets, but I’m fascinated about how our perceptions subconsciously affect our behavior in quantitative ways.


  • Waves in water in space. There are few things as cool as fluids in a gravity-free environment - now I just need to figure how to create that affect at home…
  • Extreme Origami. Nearly all of these creations are made from uncut square pieces of paper.
  • Giant crystals. Reminds me of Superman’s cave.


  • Inkjet ink reviewed. The expensive ink sold by your printer manufacturer isn’t the best…
  • All about WordPress titles. I realized my category pages didn’t have titles and decided to figure out how to add them. This post was a great resource.


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