Transitioned WordPress to a New Hosting Company

Personal,Products by on March 21, 2007 at 9:53 pm

I’ve finally moved over to a new host. 1and1 hosting is awful, and after seeing Rahul down for several days, I decided that my sworn transition was long overdue (I’ll also add that 1and1 began experiencing problems again).

The transition between hosts was kind of painful. Moving files over, installing wordpress (they used Fantastico), and even restoring my data were simple. Then came the plugins. Fantastico installs the wordpress files and directories with different access settings (R,W,E). It took close to 2 hours to figure out what directories and files needed to have which settings (being careful not to allow unwarranted access). This was one of those times where I was envious of those on hosted blog platforms.

DNS settings are still transitioning. Feedburner tells me it is still having problems with my feed (I hope its DNS related - I’ll give it another day to sort itself out).


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