New Google Webmaster Link Tool – Proof that it pays to promote

Analysis,Search,SEO by on February 10, 2007 at 12:31 am

There has been plenty of coverage around the blogosphere about the new Google Webmaster Link Tool.
Danny Sullivan’s writeup at SearchEngineLand is top notch and well worth a read if you’re looking to understand the tool.

Here’s a screenshot of my links:


There are really 5 posts that stand out. These five posts generated 88% (1661) of my inbound links. The post that got to the front page of Digg generated 54% (1020) of my inbound links. With each of these 5 posts, I realized that they would likely be interesting to a wider audience. I emailed 2-4 very relevant bloggers each time and frequently got picked up - the rest of the links followed from those few pickups.

It is worth stating that the number of unique domains in that pool is much smaller than the number of links. I’d love for Google to include a unique domain count column in this report as well - it would greatly increase the value of the tool.


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