Google needs to update Adwords Tracking

Search,SEM by on January 12, 2007 at 10:04 am

I wanted to update the tracking in our Adwords account so that it tracks the same stats as Google analytics. Even though I have everything correctly set up in Google Analytics, I still need to set up Google AdWords ‘Site Stats’. I was shocked to see that Google requires the embedding of a small ‘site stats’ banner. Seriously. I thought only crappy freeware programs did this.

My favorite part from the FAQ:

Google has chosen to use visible Google Site Stats text for the conversion tracking process to make this process apparent to users. Our goal is not to place our brand or promote our company on your web pages; however, we feel that it is important to be honest with and respect the privacy of users being tracked.

cough bullshit cough

So, you can track the movements of every visitor to a site without their knowledge using Google Analytics? But you have to use the ghetto ‘site stats’ button if you want a better integration with Adwords?

That’s what privacy policies are for.


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