American Idol is in the Czech Republic Before Yahoo

Business by on December 27, 2006 at 4:41 am

I’m shocked. Yahoo isn’t in the Czech Republic yet. Google is and has been for a long time. The experience with Google is seamless: you are automatically redirected to when you type in The experience is a fully Czech experience.

The domain resolves, but sends you directly to an error message on Yahoo’s site. No “coming soon” message - just a regular Yahoo 404 - offensively in English.

American Idol has been in the market for 3 seasons.

How is it possible that American Idol beat Yahoo to the Czech Republic?

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  1. […] Yes, it is far easier for Google to launch their home page in another country than for Yahoo to launch their homepage. However, making search available and customized for each country begins the long process of brand establishment. I noticed it in Peru and again in the Czech Republic – they know and love Google. They don’t know Yahoo. […]

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