What your Alexa stats would look like after 20 diggs in 30 days

Analysis,Digg by on December 9, 2006 at 3:03 pm

nwfdailynews.com (North West Floriday) has had 20 stories dugg in the last 30 days (including 5 on 1 day alone). The graph below shows Alexa’s traffic stats along with the dates that the stories were dug. Top Digger giantapplecore (Ranked #39), submitted all 20 of those stories, and 147 stories from NWFDailyNews over the last two months.

Just about all the articles submitted by giantapplecore are syndicated AP articles. Given the tremendous success giantapplecore has had with Digg, I would guess that NWFDailyNews is a model for monetizing Digg traffic. Take a look at the adsense placements on this page: I would expect that the upper right box has been moved around a bunch and been fairly well optimized.


Although NWFDailyNews seems to be oriented towards conservatives, it doesn’t look like giantapplecore’s submissions have a particular political bias. He is very good at writing compelling articles and headlines and I would guess that he has found a profitable system for making money off of Digg and is just repeating it over and over.

Syndicated news stories aren’t what Digg is about (kind of like blog spam), but news.yahoo.com is the third most submitted site and they are largely a news syndicator.

What’s even more impressive is how giantapplecore has used to Digg to build nwfdailynews from nothing 6 months ago, to a top 20,000 site on Alexa:


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