PubCon rocks

Business by on November 16, 2006 at 11:10 pm

I spent the last few days at PubCon. I generally find most conferences unproductive and as a rule only attend when we have someone speaking or may find sales prospects. Pubcon is the first conference where I’ve walked away with several (many) very tactical things that we can do as a business. While I’m fairly far up the SEO/SEM learning curve, I learned several very tactical things that we need to be doing differently.

Unlike many conferences that are dominated by big company strategic visioneering, PubCon was attended by a large number of, well, webmasters (duh, its a webmasterworld conference). The webmasters I met ranged from small business owners to part-time website operators to full-time affiliate marketers, PPC arbitrageurs and search optimizers. These guys don’t go to conferences to schmooze – they go to learn something new that they can apply immediately to making more money.
I’ve been converted from a reluctant attendee to a PubCon promoter.


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