Does your search traffic define you?

Business,Judy's Book,SEO by on October 5, 2006 at 2:29 pm
A week after the launch of we began to receive substantial traffic from the search engines. In fact a month after launch, search traffic comprises well over 60% of our activity. An interesting thing has happened though. The content that receives search traffic is different from the content that our regular users engage with.Take a look at our top categories of deals (as determined by aggregate traffic over the last week):
  1. Freebies (70% of traffic is from returning users)
  2. Personal Care (9% of traffic is from returning users)
  3. Apparel (66%)
  4. Kids & Baby (37%)
  5. Food (44%)
Put another way, our users only care about 2 of our top 5 categories (Freebies & Apparel) . The other three categories would be replaced by categories that didn’t make this list. We have different interests among our regular and our new users. At this stage, we’re developing to serve the needs of our regular users. Our website stats supplement conversations that we’re constantly having with our users. However, we might have misread their needs had we settled for the first order analysis.


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