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I’ve used ofoto for years. Not because they are the best photo sharing service, but because they were one of the first and I had some number of photos archived and shared there. My wife regularly purchases all kinds of ofoto goodies such as calendars, photo books, etc. I was more than a bit dismayed when they sent this email to me:

We’re happy to store all your memories at the Kodak EasyShare Gallery, but because you haven’t made a purchase in the last 12 months, we may begin deleting stored images from your account. Don’t risk losing your photos!

All it takes is one purchase to renew your storage for another year, and you’ll get a 30% discount when you place an order today.* Just use coupon code: WELCOMEBACK1 at checkout to save.

Just sign in to your Gallery account to get started.

If you no longer wish to be a part of the Kodak EasyShare Gallery, you can apply the 30% discount to the purchase of an Archive CD, where you can permanently save your photos. Create an Archive CD.

Best regards,

The Kodak EasyShare Gallery Team

I love that Oreilly used Ofoto as the web 1.0 comparision to Flickr the 2.0 conversion. Yes they have a business to run. However, their business is not printing photographs. Their business is memories and experiences. As long as they continue to think of their business as printing photographs they will force a decline and user departure. I’m now abandoning Ofoto. They’ve signalled to me an inability to serve me and my memories.


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