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Gmail recently dumped this message in my spam box:

Invitation to Participate in Google Publication Ads Pilot

For now the test is limited to roughly 30 automotive magazines, however I wouldn’t be suprised to see it expand from there.

A few early thoughts:
  • Media buyers will be out of a job in 5 years. Start looking for a new career now. Google’s interface speaks to the power of aggregated information, a point and click interface and the future simplicity of buying magazine ads.
  • Google will begin to feature demographics within AdSense/AdWords. They’ve spoken about this already, but demographics are clearly compelling to ad buyers. We know they are avaliable on large websites that already run adSense - they just aren’t available to advertisers…yet
  • If there was any doubt about Google’s ability expand beyond the Internet, this removes it. Lots of hurdles remain, but this clearly represents an ability to execute outside of their core (or their core is something different than they bill it to be).

A few screenshots:

Publication Ads starting point

A sample magazine representation


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