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Products by on May 6, 2005 at 4:12 pm

Blogger is incredibly easy to use. In fact, just about anyone can be blogging in minutes. However, I experienced severe usability issues with it. I lost posts while they were ‘publishing’. I found that my cursor was slowed while I was typing (.5 seconds per character). As such, this made blogging pretty undoable. Those problems may be related to the fact that I was hosting the blog on my own domain (and host).

Wordpress is incedibly easy to use. In fact, it is a joy to use. It took a little bit of effort to set up and get right. Not something I would expect my father to figure out, but he isn’t a fan of typing anyway so it doesn’t really matter. A certain degree of comfort with HTML is required, but not much is really needed. It just works.


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